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Morning light at KPHX

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In the next couple months, the Valley of the Sun temperatures will be slowing coming down. And when the temperatures come down it make s for some outstanding Aviation Photography. The next couple weeks will be the start of my spotting season. We look forward to seeing all of the Aviation Spotters at our local airports. If you see someone with a camera don’t be afraid to walk up to us and say hello. It is a great to be out at the airport taking pictures, but its better when you have great company.

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Spotlight Photographer April 2011 – Kyle Boyd

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Its takes great honor to announce that this months Spotlight Photographer is Kyle Boyd. Kyle joined our group just over a month ago, and has been very active within our forums. He is always willing to help out a member when they are unsure of a certain photo being edited. Kyle has been into aviation photography since the day he could drive himself to the airport. Kyles first DSLR Nikon D5000 was bought just over a year ago. Kyle is currently a student pilot out of KDVT (Deer Valley Airport) and hopes to follow in his Uncles footsteps who was a Captain for America West Airlines. We here at PHX Spotters are happy to have Kyle and look forward to seeing many more photos from him. We hope to see great things from this Aviation Photographer in the years to come...

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Arizona Aviation Night Photography at Sky Harbor Airport

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A couple of weeks back some members of PHXSpotters met out at Sky Harbor International Airport at Terminal 4 on the top deck. When we arrived we unpacked our tripods and started hitting that shutter button. I have always been afraid of taking night time photos, since I had never experienced doing night time aviation photography. I was not sure how my photos were going to turn out. I was thankful that we have some very talented photographers in our group.  They were able to get me set up and teach me the proper settings to doing night time photography at KPHX. The location that we had picked was on the North East corner of Terminal 4.  The North side of the terminal is mostly US Airways and on the South side is Southwest Airlines...

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