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US Airways Training class of 2011

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Over 1000 applicants all come together at US Airways Training Center located just West of Sky Harbor Airport. Information passed on to me was that US Airways has not hired any new employees for about 4 years. And after the face to face interview  26 out of 1000 applicants were selected for the next hiring process. Today was the last day of training and we all will report to work on Monday for our first day as official Ramp Agents. I would like to take time to thank all the Mentors/Trainers that helped me make the transition to US Airways ramp agent...

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Arizona Aviation Night Photography at Sky Harbor Airport

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A couple of weeks back some members of PHXSpotters met out at Sky Harbor International Airport at Terminal 4 on the top deck. When we arrived we unpacked our tripods and started hitting that shutter button. I have always been afraid of taking night time photos, since I had never experienced doing night time aviation photography. I was not sure how my photos were going to turn out. I was thankful that we have some very talented photographers in our group.  They were able to get me set up and teach me the proper settings to doing night time photography at KPHX. The location that we had picked was on the North East corner of Terminal 4.  The North side of the terminal is mostly US Airways and on the South side is Southwest Airlines...

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Holiday Traffic KPHX

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Jason had the the chance and get out to KPHX again this week. I was able to talk to one of the Operations Manager of KPHX and they stated ” The holiday traffic doubles in size during the week of Christmas and New Years.” During my tour of Sky Harbor International Airport the Cargo Terminal was loaded with Aircrafts being loaded up and getting ready for departure.

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