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Terminal 2 Spotting location

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I thought I had all locations locked down until Saturday driving around I look and I see a Spotter. What is that employee parking? So I turn around and only to find out that its public parking. At only $4.00 a hour for parking that is the same as the rest. There was plenty of parking to choose from. I find a location and set up my equipment I only needed my 70-3oomm vr lens but I also tried my 18-105mm and it also worked brilliantly. With the sun to my back and the departures going west bound its going to make a wonderful setting.

All departures and arrivals where using rwy26. Arrivals where also using 25R. I had a couple clouds in the sky but still the sun was a my back till 5ish till the sun went down. Here is a couple more examples of some of the Aircraft I able to capture...

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Daily traffic in and out of KPHX

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KPHX has many different airlines that arrive and depart out of Sky Harbor. This is a new location for Phxspotters to get some awesome spotting done. Light is on your back  and the gorgeous mountains are in front of you. Here are some photos that was taken at this location.

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Just another day on the Job.

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Just another day on the Job for Ben Cowden. Ben has a advantage that most of us Aviation Photographers (Spotters) would dream of having. Ben works at KPHX. On breaks from his job he gets to go out on the ramp and get some awesome shots. We at are happy to have Ben Cowden and look forward to seeing more photos.  Keep up the good work.

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