US Air Force jet crashes in California, March 26, 2009

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An F-22A Raptor fighter jet, crashed in the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States on Wednesday, according to officials.F-22

The airplane, which seats one person, crashed at approximately 10:30 am local time about 35 miles northeast of Edwards Air Force Base in California. The cause of the accident has not yet been ascertained, and the fate of the pilot is unknown. The jet was on a test mission when it crashed.

The F-22 is a supersonic fifth-generation fighter jet. It was originally designed in the 1980s as a means of entering Soviet airspace and attacking Soviet bombers if they attempted a nuclear strike. After the Cold War ended, the jet was then used as a long-range fighter jet. The jet was part of the 412th Test wing’s 411th test squadron.

This is the second crash involving a F-22. The first crash took place in Dec of 2004 at Nellis AFB, the fleet was grounded while the Air Force conducted a review of the F-22 program.

Todays crash could not have come at a worse time for the current F-22 Program, as President Obama and the Defense department are reviewing future funding of the F-22 program. The Air Force believes it needs 381 F-22 aircraft to provide for America’s defense for many years to come. However,Congress and the Pentagon have only approved funding for 183 Raptors.The Air Force is currently buying its ration of F-22s slowly, trying to keep the assembly line open longer in hopes that funding for additional fighters may be approved. Here is a link to let congress know you care. was fortunate to witness the mighty F-22 Demo at the recent Luke Day open house, Thunder in the desert March 21st-22nd 2009. The F-22 Demo is one of the best, and we hope the aircraft will be back on the air show circuit as soon as the Air Force conducts it’s review of todays crash.

Our thoughts and payers go out to the family of the Pilot, 49-year-old David Cooley GOD BLESS YOU AND FLY HIGH in Gods presence.

F-22 Photo by Joe Kates

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  • Matt Ottosen  says:

    From FOX News:

    F-22 Crashes Near Edwards Air Force Base, Killing Pilot

    EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. — One of the Air Force’s top-of-the-line F-22 fighter jets crashed Wednesday in the high desert of Southern California, killing a test pilot for prime contractor Lockheed Martin Corp.

    The F-22A Raptor crashed at 10 a.m. about 35 miles northeast of Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. The Bureau of Land Management identifies the area as Harper Dry Lake, a vast and empty expanse of sometimes marshy flat land.

    The pilot was David Cooley, 49, a 21-year Air Force veteran who joined Lockheed Martin in 2003, the company said in a statement. It did not release any details of the accident or say whether Cooley attempted to eject.

    Cooley was part of a team of company and Air Force pilots who conduct F-22 testing.

    “We are deeply saddened by the loss of David and our concerns, thoughts and prayers at this time are with his family,” the statement said.

    Sam Grizzle, a spokesman for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., said no additional information would be released.

    The jet, assigned to the 411th Flight Test Squadron of Edwards’ 412th Test Wing, was on a test mission, said Air Force Maj. David Small at the Pentagon. Small did not know the nature of the mission.

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