US Airways vs Southwest Airlines special themes

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While Standing in line waiting to clear the TSA security checkpoint. I overhear a little boy talking to his mom about going to see the “Fishy Plane”. After clearing the  checkpoint, I started thinking about the difference between US Airways and Southwest Airlines and their Special Themed liveries. Being a employee of US Airways, they will always have a special place in my heart. In  my own personal opinion, I believe Southwest Airlines has the best overall paint schemes on a number of their aircraft. Although most of their paint schemes are State related. Southwest Airlines has several special schemes to commemorate their destinations, anniversary`s and various other events. Southwest also has several that have nose art.

Arizona One, California One, Florida One, Illinois One, Lone Star One, Maryland One, Metallic Gold One, Nevada One, New Mexico One, Shamu, Spirit One, Triple Crown One, Bags Fly free,Maryland One, Slam Dunk One

US Airways also has some great themed aircraft. They have top notch NFL teams on a couple of their Airbus 319’s. They also have Arizona and Nevada state themed 319’s but instead of painting the entire aircraft. The logo was painted on just the tail of the Airbus 319.

NFL Teams:Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers

State themed: Arizona One, Nevada One

US Airways also has some really nice Retro Themed Air Bus Aircraft.

Photos are provided by the following members of PHXSpotters

Peter Nickerson, Jason Bong, Peter Van Dyke, Felipe Garcia, Kyle Boyd, Saurabh Patel, Tim LaBranche

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