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Editor of PhxSpotters Jason Bong had a VIP tour of KPHX. “This is one of my for my Bucket List” as he crosses this off. Today Jason was able to go behind the scenes at KPHX to see the day to day operations of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. KPHX has 3 terminals and houses over 120 aircraft gates.

Airport development

* A new 33 gate Terminal northwest of the current Terminal 2.
* Phoenix Sky Train:
o Phase one, currently under construction, runs from the 44th and Washington streets and will shuttle travelers to the East Economy Lot and on to Terminal 4. Phase one opening is expected to be complete some time in 2013.
o Phase two will continue on from Terminal 4 to Terminals 3 and the future Terminal 2 replacement terminal and will end at the consolidated rental-car center just west of the airport. Phase two is not expected to be open any earlier than 2020.
* One more final concourse addition to Terminal 4, making Terminal 4 an 8-concourse Terminal. *in progress*
* Taxiway R between taxiways C and D is closed until around October 2010 for the construction of the new PHX Sky Train.
* The Sky Train will be operated remotely.

Jason wants to thank the city of Phoenix for allowing him to feel like one of the family. And to see more of these photographs please feel free to look thru our forum.  I have always wanted to be on the otherside of the fence line. And today I got that chance. Perfect weather and perfect scenery. This is what PhxSpotters is all about. Showing other Aviation photographers what KPHX has to offer when they come into town for vacation or for business.

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  • Joe Kates  says:

    Wow nice job on the post and the photos I knew you would like this stuff. thanks for making my website looks so good. OH yours too. lol.

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