What is your Poison?

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I was 8 years old when I first fell in love with Jet Fuel. I remember my first experience sitting in the Captains seat of a TWA 747-100. That is the moment when I fell in love with Commercial Aviation. Please don’t misconstrued my passion for commercial aviation.  There is just something about those two Rolls-Royce RB211 engines that produce 32,700 lb pounds of thrust hurdling the Boeing 757-200 down the runway. I have a weakness for the Boeing 757. If there was one word that comes to mind when describing the 757-200 would be “Sleek”. Although I believe she looks better with winglets but any B757 will do. Although not all airlines have the B757 in their fleet. That does not mean that I only take photos of B757-200’s or -300’s. I will basically take any photo that I can get. If I had to list my Favorite airlines in order they would most likely go in this order..

  1. Southwest Airlines (Themed)
  2. US Airways
  3. Alaska (Themed)
  4. Omni Air International (MD-11)
  5. FedEx (MD-11)

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